Fitness Is The Answer To Your Well Being


Have you ever noticed that exercise is good therapy? It is just as important as being spiritually at peace with yourself. You can’t forget that this type of exercise helps you to get back on track with your normal life.You don’t want to just sit down and become a chair soldier because that can become the end of your freedom.  The freedom to get around your home, shopping centers, doctor offices, it would all come to a horrible end.

Exercise such as swimming can keep you in good health.  Some people find dancing (including many types, such as line dancing and swing dancing) good exercise and entertainment. Social activities will often become some type of exercise.  Fitness can save your life if you learn how to protect yourself with defensive moves. Many adults lack stamina; you can look at many individuals such as Chuck Norris and how fit he is at his age because of his willingness to keep moving. Many women lose their baby fat by exercising in fitness programs.

Many fitness programs are inexpensive and often are close to you, such as your local YMCA. Fitness should include all of the family members.  Because fitness is important to your well-being, it should be part of your weekly plans. Fitness enables you to attack your daily life with vigor and stamina, keeping you from becoming that couch potato that less active people eventually become. There are so many fitness programs that you can stay at home and join in on – fitness programs that can keep your weight down, or help you with your abs and waist in the comfort of your own home.

Many of these programs should start in our local schools. Being fit can add to your personality traits and confidence. Fitness is necessary for many of our local jobs such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics. Many of these positions require them to stay fit. Many even have to pass physical tests to prove their health. Exercise is needed in all sports such as swimming, football, racing cars, and is even necessary in the world of outer space.  If astronauts were not fit, they would loose their bone density.  Wrestlers have to be fit in order to withstand the brutal force their bodies are subjected to. Fitness is necessary in order to perform our normal daily routines such as going to work every day. Fitness also keeps your heart healthy.

Being fit keeps you from physically being tired with routine tasks.   Being fit allows you to resist normal colds. It helps your posture so you can lift items readily and most importantly, you are likely not to have trouble with your back when you reach a certain age. Being fit can keep you looking well. It can boost your energy and strength. Fitness is part of our military defenses.  We can participate in athletics when we have the body to do so.  Gymnastics requires individual’s bodies to be at their best. It keeps you at your physical best, both mentally, and physically.  There are even rehab programs that bring individuals back to their normal daily routines after strokes or other heart-related events.

As you can see, fitness is everywhere and without it our bodies would surely wither away. The key is to keep moving, don’t stop. The moment you slow down, your body’s metabolism will slow down causing pains and even illness. If you can dedicate at least 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, to some kind of fitness, we are not only positive you’ll look better, you will feel better.



















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