Why 2017 is the ‘throwback’ to 90s in fashion, runways, and street style

Trends revive only to die out the next year; it’s in their nature and even though we had some potential fashion trends in 2016 that we thought would last for a while, the first fashion week of January proved that it was time to bury the old and embrace the new trends coming our way.

2017 is the throwback year; where we will pay tribute to the 90s or early 20s trends that we were most likely too young to try. So, what are the fashion trends that will rule 2017? Look no further! The following fashion trends are your guide to what the fashion gurus, moguls, bloggers and celebrities would be adorning this year and ones that you should too.

1. Neutral and earthy tones are the new black:
While black is the queen of colors that has reigned fashion over the last century like an icon of its own, and although fashion gods like Chanel and Versace have bowed to her and presented us with the little black dress, it seems that neutral colors and skin tones are going to take over this year. From gowns in tone shades by Oscar De La Renta to the Camel trench coats seen on the streets of New York and Milan, to say that khaki and nude is the new black would be an exaggeration.
2. Delicate Jewelry- Less is More:
We have seen chokers and ear cuffs so much in 2016 that it would not be a surprise if they ruled for the next ten years, but that is not the case. Even though chokers have reduced to delicate necklaces, and pendants have made a comeback, small earrings and studs are still in style. The trend of the choker is dying, and will slowly be replaced by the concept of ‘less is more.’ While chokers were enough to make a statement as borderline trashy, the delicate pendants are elegant as ever and comfortable to wear whether it is for work or a formal event. Moreover, ear climbers are also coming back as the new ‘ear cuffs’.

3. Tribute to the 80s with:
Earlier, we said that 2017 would be the year of many comebacks, which stands true as seen on runways and in celebrity fashion; sneakers from the 80s are back again, thanks to Nike and Zappos. This comfortable wear is part of the ‘athluxury’ and ‘athlesiure’ trend to make comfy PJs chic. Paired with graphic tees, layered with a velvet dress and sneakers; anyone would look like they came out of an old 80s movie, which also overshadows the concept of genderless fashion; both masculine and feminine clothes are being combined to make chic looks. Perhaps it is time to add sneakers to your shoe rack. Women are focusing more on the comfort side of fashion this year, and heels are expected to be out of trend now.

4. Leather jackets but with a twist:
Even though many fashion trends like chokers and off the shoulder looks did not survive the wave of fashion week in early 2017, it is a fact that leather jackets are here to stay. However, it wouldn’t be recognized as high-fashion if it weren’t for this added twist to make it refreshing. By adding pins and badges, you can make that plain old leather jacket hanging out in your closet more couture.

These are just som of the vast range of new trends that will be taking over 2017. Stay up to date with all of them with our blogs.

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