Fall and Winter Trends That Will Rule in 2017

The new year of 2017 brought many surprises, but nothing could faze the trendsetters and fashion week to decide what fashion trend would grace the runways and streets all around the world. The fashion week opened doors to new fashion trends, kicking out some old ones that have changed the course of what we called ‘chic and trendy’. According to the fashion pros of major brands, the following trends will rule 2017:

  1. Cropped pants and culottes:

Fashion does not always have to be a pain to follow; cropped pants and culottes prove that you can be cozy and fashionable in winters. This trend entered mainstream fashion during the fall of 2016 and has become popular ever since. These comfortable fashion pieces usually fall below the knees and are flared at the end just like the culottes. Brands like Lacoste and Michael Kors offer a wide variety of cropped pants in flared, tight pants and culottes style. These pants do not only look good in monochromatic colors, but also in stripes in a more lengthy style.

  1. Sneakers and the coming of athletic-leisure wear:

Available in many styles and textures like satins, glitter, or plain athletic designs, for example, Nike or Reebok, sneakers are versatile and can be paired with jeans or skirts alike. If you fear that they would look masculine when paired with dresses or skirts, Zara has launched a sneaker collection, and most of them are under $50. Available in rose gold satin, Velcro, lace up sneakers and plain old white sneakers amazing to wear as a tribute to when they first became a trend in the 90s and earlier in the 80s.

  1. Velvet is crushin’ it:

This year, surprisingly, velvet has ruled the runways, be it gowns or dresses or even tops. Crushed velvet with embroidery, prints, and colors like yellow and blue dominated the fashion week and street style in New York, Paris and Milan. Moreover, velvet is expressive and over the top on its own, so you do not even have to make an effort to pair it with jewelry or shoes. Simply layering it with a coat or white t-shirts and some boots makes for a complete outfit. Not only casual dresses, but gowns like the one Emma Stone wore to the 2017 SAG Awards with colorful embroidery (a trend that also ruled the red carpet and seems to be all the rage) proves that it will be adorned to a lot more red carpets this year.

  1. Embroidery and lace are winning 2017:

Last but certainly not the least, embroidery has without a doubt graced the runway for Robert Cavalari and Alexander McQueen. Embroidery is the one fashion piece appearing in the form of dresses and shirts paired with either leather jackets or simple skinny jeans. While velvet is self-explanatory and sort of dominates one’s look, embroidery and lace is versatile in its own way and can be layered with almost anything to uplift the look for any kind of venue, be it formal, semi-formal, or even a Sunday brunch.

Other trends that were popular on the ramp, red carpet, and the streets alike were fur coats, high-waist pants, silk fringe, ruffles and layering dresses with shirts and coats. Whatever the trend may be, it is clear that the line between masculine and feminine fashion wear is blurring and for the best part, it is going to be a comfortable layer of fashion this year. If you do not want to fret over where to look for the latest trends in fashion, stay posted to the The Daily News official website.

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