3 Ways You Can Wear Colour Of The Year 2017

If you are clueless about what colour to wear, fashion gods all over the world are here to ease your tensions. Pantone, the famous provider and manufacturer of colours used in architecture, home decor, couture fashion and many other industries, has announced the colour of the year for 2017. They have chosen ‘Greenery’ as the colour that will rule everything that is man-made in 2017. This fresh and zesty colour, with a touch of yellow and green, is a symbol of new beginnings. The refreshing shade is the harbinger of natural touch into our urban lives. Moreover, this colour will not only be rampant on runways and home decor showrooms, but also influence different cultures around the world. It is also reminiscent of the change that will be seen globally through social and political campaigning.

Without further ado, as was the behaviour of fashion runways for spring fashion 2017, Michael Kors, Balenciaga, and Gucci splattered this beautiful hue of nature across their collection. Celebrities followed shortly, as flower patterns, earthy hues and the colour of the year appeared in one form or the other on the red carpets. This colour is extremely versatile and can be worn in varying shades depending on your skin tone. If you have a darker complexion, you can rock the bolder shades of green. On the contrary, pale skin would look good with darker hues that would compliment your contrasting tone.

So, now that you know what colour would be ruling your closet, look no further and go through the list below to add to your shopping list spree:

  1. Bomber jackets:

Even before 2017, bomber jackets have been in fashion for a long time, and it looks like they are not going anywhere. They are extremely comfortable, especially when paired with either yoga pants or a dress. These jackets are available in a myriad of colours, but the most popular ones are the army style jackets available at Forever21 or ASOS. These jackets are unique, and you can add a twist to them by adding patches and badges. They are also very popular amongst celebrities and street style bloggers that you can look forward to for the next style inspiration.

  1. Sportswear:

If ‘getting fit’ is on your New Year’s resolutions list for 2017, then you might as well look fashionable while doing push ups with the Marks and Spencer Collection. Since 2016, the fashionable athletic leisure wear has been all the rage; comfort and exclusivity has been the trend in the last year that has seeped into the roots of both men and women fashion. Nonetheless, this style of clothing is also designed to be worn outdoors and not just at the gym!

  1. Vintage Dresses:

Not just casual wear, vintage dresses as seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs and Oscar De La Renta prove that green can be worn with full glam look. There are many options to change up the hues of the same colour, if you do not want to overdo the green and end up looking like a green patch.

If you feel like not committing to this colour so religiously, you can try various accessories like Ray Ban sunglasses or the studs by Pippa Small. For more of the latest trends in fashion, visit The Daily News official website.


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