Upcoming Nail Trends In 2017

The time to update your wardrobe has arrived, and with the sun rising on 1st January 2017 announcing the New Year, fashion moguls and models alike have been out and about with outfits that would decide the course of fashion. Often, people underestimate how nails can change and uplift your whole look, but trust us, you do not want to miss out on these latest nail trends! Starting from the New Year’s party to everyday style that has subtlety to it, the following are the most popular styles that everyone will ask for at the nail salons:

  1. Pink Ombre Nails:

Remember how we mentioned that some of these trends are going to be beautiful and add just the right amount of glam factor to your entire look? With this baby pink coat, with an added shimmer of silver done in ombre style, you can wear these to work, at a night out with your friends, or at day weddings. Point is, these nails will put together your whole look and make it fashionable at the same time.

  1. Glittery Party Nails:

No best nail trends list would be complete without suggestions for New Year parties. These nails, when polished with a glitter of different colours with little sequins, would scream ‘party’. So if you want your hands to not only look beautiful, but also to make an appearance and stand out in your whole look, this is your go-to design. Moreover, this design is totally doable with this DIY tutorial done by nail art expert Julie Kandalec.


  1. Metallic Nails with a Matt twist:

If chic is your fashion style and wearing glitter lacquer to the upcoming party is just not your thing, then these metallic and matt nails are the best option for you. This style is easy to do; you just need to paint your nails with a silver shade. Cover the quarter half with a stripper brush and paint the lower half with your favourite matt black nail polish. Add a top coat for excellent finishing and a longer stay.

  1. Snowflake Nails:

This style is excellent for those who literally want to celebrate the Christmas and winter theme in its true sense. It is also very easy to do with accessories at home, so you do not have to make an appointment with the nail salon. Just cover your nails with iridescent polish for your base colour. After it dries, use a thin stripper brush and dip it into white nail colour to draw snowflake designs on your nails. It is advisable that a topcoat is used afterwards so the design stays longer and you can go about doing your daily business!

  1. Festive Red Glitter Nails:

This style has the true Christmas colour and captures the essence of Christmas Eve and New Years. These nails have two tones: red and deep maroon ombre, which that makes the style unique from your classic red nails. These nails also have a final touch of glitter to get you in the party mode.

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