Ingredients That Cost A Fortune

Cooking is truly an art, and so it is unfair to comment on the price of any cuisine especially when they are based on pure ingredients. A celebrity chef or a five-star restaurant would charge you extra for their luxurious food so that they may be able to create the most authentic and divine food for you with all the right ingredients. Here is a set of ingredients that may be included in the food you have eaten or will be eating at a top-notch restaurant, which makes the food over-priced or expensive.

  • Saffron

Saffron is a spice, usually of a bright red or orange color, which is famous for its distinct aroma. It comes under the most expensive spices in the world because it is extracted only once a year. The flower from which it is extracted produces only three threads of saffron making it pricey and hard to get.
Two grams of saffron will cost you around $13 in current market.

  • Vanilla

Vanilla is another one of the most sought spices in the world. Vanilla only blooms once a year, which makes the pollination process slower. The vanilla orchids only grow at specific areas and in specific weather, and need to be aged for a long time to bring their right aroma and flavor, which is a reason for their higher price tag. You can easily find vanilla beans on Amazon. Twelve pieces will cost you around $15.

  • Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar takes an aging time of years to form its true and authentic stage. It is made from a large quantity of white grapes that are processed to completely drain the water out of them. This sweet, dark, thick vinegar costs approximately $38 for 250 ml.

  • Edible gold

Usually used for decorative purposes in desserts, drinks, cakes or appetizers, thin layers of gold are formed into 23k sheets or flakes that do not contain any taste, but provide a luxurious look to the cuisine. One gram of gold flakes would cost you around $115.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oilhas very low acidity. Extra virgin means that the olives do not undergo too many processes so that their nutrients are maintained. Olives are handpicked and are famous for having a very mild aroma and distinct flavor. Olives are cold pressed within few hours of picking to maintain the quality and freshness in the oil. An average 500 ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil will cost you around $54.

  • Matcha Green Tea

Japan’s most famous leaf tea, Matcha green tea is processed into a very fine, silky and smooth textured powdered tea. It is very beneficial for the health. Growing matcha is a time taking and difficult process. It has to be protected from the sun for extra-rich taste, beneficial acids, and higher antioxidants. Matcha is grinded with the help of mills, which contain fine granite stones. It takes approximately an hour to obtain half an ounce of matcha. In markets, you can easily get around 4 oz of Matcha Powder in $25.

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