FIFA Champ Of The Year

Christiano Ronaldo has been crowned as FIFA’s Best Player In The World as he sacked a trophy at a red-carpet ceremony in Zurich. The honour makes Ronaldo the first man to win this title, beating off his rival Lionel Messi. It is to be noted that, earlier, while speaking in an interview, Ronaldo stated that they both are competitive and skilled, which makes the competition between the two so high. While on the other hand, Messi himself denied any rivalry. Both players face each other twice in every season of the world’s biggest game, El Clasico, with more than 400 million fans and audience worldwide. The media portrays Ronaldo as arrogant and a boaster, while Messi is described as shy and humble.

After being handed the trophy, Ronaldo declared 2016 as the best year for his football career.

Ronaldo attended the star-studded event with his son Christiano Jr and partner Georgian Rodriguez. The awards were hosted by screen star Eva Longoria.
Ronaldo won the award after an outstanding year. In 2016, his achievements included the win of the European Championship, the Champions League title, and the Club World Cup, in addition to best player awards form FIFA, UEFA, and France Football magazine. Also, he achieved victory alongside Portugal at Euro Cup in 2016. Ronaldo had already won the Ballon d’Or after his third Champions League title, with the attainment of 16 goals in 12 games.

Ronaldo started his international youth career in 2001. He also featured in the Olympic squad in the Summer Olympics of 2004, scoring a goal in the tournament. After a win against Kazakhstan, Ronaldo was called up for UEFA EURO 2004, in which he scored his first international goal against Greece.

Ronaldo further proved his skills by becoming the second highest scorer in qualifications for the FIFA World Cup held in 2006 with seven goals. In the tournament, he scored his first World Cup goal against Iran with a penalty kick. Furthermore, he played as captaincy on many international platforms. In the 2012 EURO Cup, Ronaldo faced criticism for underperforming because he failed to score against Denmark, missing two one-on-one chances. However, due to his scoring in the last group matches against Netherlands and Czech Republic, he was named man of the match.

Through 2012 to 2016, Ronaldo remained the all time Portugal top scorer and European Champion, and went on to become the first player to play in three European Championship semi-finals, in which he scored the opening goal and assisted a second one in a win against Wales. Ronaldo, being the team captain at the time, lifted the trophy of his country’s major achievement. Following this success, he was awarded the Silver Boot with the designation of the second-highest goal scorer with three goals and three assists.

For the 2018 Fifa World Cup, Christiano has scored four goals against Andorra, which has already marked him with the achievement of the most amount of goals the player has scored in an international match.

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