Best Hair Styles and Haircuts To Try In 2017

No fashionable look is complete without a proper hairstyle. The hair is an important part of our everyday look and it is necessary that we take complete care of it, but also update our style according to the latest fashion. The past impression of the mantra ‘short hair don’t care’ has seeped into this year, as have many other styles like balayage, ombre colors, pastel hair, and milkmaid braids. These hairstyles are not only a guide to how to dye your hair, but also for any daily or fancy hairdos, haircuts, and other styling options.

  1. Braiding:

This style is as old as the ancient times and has manifested in many cultures. However, this style is very renewable and can be changed into many different styles. Valentino, on the runway, has shown how the old milkmaid braids can be done and made to match the new and chic style by using thick braids placed on both sides of the part. Moreover, the French braid has also made an appearance on many red carpets and street styles alike. The French braid is a long favorite because it does not require heat and saves the hair from breaking throughout the whole day. Apart from that, its messy and voluminous look allows it to be used for bridals, formals, and as an elegant choice for semi formal events. Other than that, cornrows have also been very popular in 2016 and are here to stay.

  1. Fringe and long-bangs:

While short bangs and fringes made a popular appearance last year, there is no denying that they are sometimes hard to maintain. This variation of bangs with an eye grazing style and fringe can be very versatile and easily pinned back whenever you want. Moreover, if you don’t feel like cutting off your hair, this haircut will not take away much of your length.

  1. The all time favorite lob:

We have all seen the short hair rage during 2016 in different forms like the shaved look, pixie cut, bob from the nineties and finally the long bob, or as we call it, a lob. This long bob is just the right amount of subtlety, without being too risky, and a length that can be versatile for trying different styles. This year, the lob has appeared again, but with different layers to it that add even more texture to it. This way, you do not have to commit to the whole style and can easily switch to any other style whenever you like.

  1. Beach waves and subtle curls:

As seen on TV during the fashion week and on the runways, beach waves and not so tight curls are a very popular choice of many designers and models. As seen on Roberto Cavalli, natural and free of any product waves seem to be a gorgeous hairdo. This style is very easy to do, and is good for an everyday look, because it does not require prep or heat, which protects your hair from getting ruined. Since layers and long strands are coming back in 2017, this style is a great way to compliment your haircut!

Among all of these hairstyles and haircuts, many hair colours are also becoming popular this year, which include reddish hues, different shades of blondes, and colour melts from dark to light, in addition to several others.

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