Amazon Set To Open Smart Stores, Plan To Use AI and Motion Sensors Inc is all set to challenge the way we look at grocery stores and revolutionize the supermarket industry.



There’s no doubt how much Amazon has grown in the past few years making the world of online shopping practically synonymous to the website. Now, Amazon is taking the next big leap into the world of shopping by opening up its first physical store. But what’s so special about you might ask? Well, while conventional supermarkets that have checkout lines and the friendly aisle six helpers, Amazon is aiming to do quite the opposite and have no checkout lines and no employees.

Amazon Go and the store will be called plans to use sensors in its aisles to detect activity. When shoppers first enter the store, they can press a button which will become available on the Amazon app. Thereon, they can browse through the store which has physical products just like any general store.

What’s different about Amazon Go is that the motion sensors detect your activity. When you pick up an item, the item will get added automatically to your virtual cart on the app. If you put it back, the item disappears from your cart. When you have finished shopping, you can simply walk out of the store, and you get billed virtually through the app. You will then be required to make the payment for your purchase through any one of the payment methods available on the app.

The 1800-square-foot store Seattle will be currently open only to Amazon staff as part of their current testing program. If all goes well, we will be seeing a lot more Amazon stores popping up all over the United States.

If Amazon does open up its stores across the country, it will pose a significant threat to supermarkets all over. The idea of not having to wait in a long queue of checking out your groceries is so much more appealing than the age old custom of regular cashiers. With this move, analysts have predicted that Amazon will soon usurp the entire supermarket industry just as it has with the online shopping world.

In addition to using sensors, Amazon wants to use advanced robotics in its stores to perform manual tasks like stacking up the shelves when empty. Amazon wants to cut down the number of employees in each store to just two or three per unit. Granted this will revolutionize the way supermarkets work making them more efficient and self-reliant, but this will, however, cause a large decline in the number of jobs available. Thousands of people in America will lose their jobs to machines and robots, something which has been viewed an inevitable future for a long time.

Amazon realized that even though a large number of people are opting to buy their groceries online, a lot of people are still opposed to that idea. By implementing this move, Amazon is aiming to tap into that segment of individuals, adapting to what the people want.

With Amazon’s smart stores opening up early next year, it will be interesting to see how a store works out, solely based on AI.

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