Does Green Tea Really Help With Weight Loss

As someone who can’t go on without her day without her much-loved cup of green tea, I am no stranger to all the articles and talks about green tea being healthy. Research shows that one cup of green tea per day can significantly contribute to a person’s weight loss and help maintain a healthy metabolism. But do these claims work or are they just playing on the placebo effect that our mind perceives?

Green tea recently become a fad among celebrities and fitness freaks but has been around as part of various cultures for an extremely long time. Through the ages, medicine men have been prescribing green tea for various purposes like reducing blood pressure, losing weight and mental stability. Studies have shown that green tea does indeed contain medicinal properties that can significantly help in a host of different problems one might face.

The number one benefit of green tea has to be the ability to speed up one’s weight loss. However, if you think that just by drinking five cups of green tea a day you will miraculously shed ten pounds, you probably need a reality check. In all seriousness, green tea helps increase the body’s metabolism. Green tea contains loads of antioxidants that can help eliminate all the harmful toxins from the body thus making you healthier and fitter. Since green tea contains a considerable amount of caffeine, it works by stimulating the nervous system and releasing the fat that your body loves to store into your bloodstream. Your body then starts using this fat as fuel which can help with weight loss.

You may have come across numerous brands of tea being marketed as ‘the best weight loss solution’ or a ‘tea to help you be younger’ and so on. From personal experience, and testimonies from thousands of people, the brand of green tea doesn’t particularly matter much. Sure some types of green tea may help you feel more fresh and active, but that attribute is mainly due to the higher caffeine amount present in the tea as compared to some other brands.

However, the fact that green tea can boost endurance and weight loss is a fact. This is mainly due to the green tea containing a chemical known as polyphenols, which contributes immensely to muscle building and helping the wear and tear of the body. This not only helps your body heal faster but also helps you stay healthy and makes you stronger when you need to fight those annoying infections.

Because of the high amount of polyphenols in the body, green tea has a host of other benefits. When you eat those delicious cupcakes and doughnuts, the sugar gets synthesized into a substance called triglyceride which helps give the body fuel to function. However, excess amounts of this result in the accumulation of fat throughout the body. Green tea helps reduces the amount of triglyceride that is stored in the body, helping you maintain your weight and prevent you from putting on those extra pounds.

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