The Rising Taco Fever In 2017

Taco is the latest food frenzy. It is one on our list of the favorite foods in 2017. Authenticity is something that everyone craves whether it is fashion or food. And what could be more authentic than the Taco?
Thanks to the companies like the Breddo’s Tacos, Taqueria, and Temper, Taco is currently all over the social media.
This means that now is the time for you to wrangle with some tortillas.
The exact origin of this hot dish is still not known. But it is certain that it is at least two centuries old. Most probably, it originated in the Mexican silver mines. The word Taco itself reinforces the idea. It refers to the small charges the miner used to excavate silver from the ground.
A taco was the piece of paper that was wrapped around an assortment of gunpowder, which was inserted into the holes within the rocks. Now that we come to think about it, isn’t a little taquito with a blend of hot sauce just like dynamite?

The very first reference of Taco was made in the 19th century. So, you can safely say that it is not one of those dishes that were there even before civilization. The Taco is rather a modern culinary experience.

Taco made it into the mainstream gradually and firmly through the Mexican immigrants who came to America and made it their home. As they advanced economically, they shared their Taco with the rest of the world.
If we look closely, we will come to know that the current American variations of the Taco have been adopted from their Mexican counterparts with ingredients that are available throughout the US. While Americans got introduced to the Mexican Taco, the Taco itself began taking American trends. The resultant is the exquisite culinary experience we all enjoy so much.
Another reason why Taco has become so trendy is that it looks great when one posts its picture on social media. All the juices oozing out of the bread makes the viewer’s mouth water. The colors and textures of all the blended ingredients only entice you to find one for yourself and eat it.
The fast food variation of the original Taco consists of a tortilla that has fried into the trademark Taco shape. It is then, folded around a filling which may include seafood, chicken, beef or pork. Added to this is salsa, chili pepper, cilantro or avocado. Of course, tomato, lettuce, and onions are also there to tickle your taste buds.
Taco is on our list of popular food because it is delicious, looks good, and is very easy to prepare. It depends on just one essential ingredient which is the tortilla. The filling is up to you, and you own culinary priorities.
One can have just about any Taco. There are Vegan Tacos, fat-free, beef, pork or lamb. You may use egg with them, cheese or chili. There are so many options and variations that it is simply impossible to say no to the Taco.

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