Most Anticipated Makeup Trends Of 2017

Makeup styles in 2016 included matte lipsticks, contouring, the winged eyeliner, the monochromatic look, and many other patterns that we all loved and wore. But in 2017, makeup is going to be one magical ride with lots of dreamy glitter and different colors.
The following are some of the makeup trends that we cannot wait to try in 2017. Considering that these looks have already made waves into the new red carpets of 2017 like the Globes, Oscars, or the SAG awards, and almost every runway of the fashion week; we think their popularity will grow only stronger with every passing day!
1. Glitter is everywhere!
Glitter is going to be taking over 2017 like it is nobody’s business. First, it started as a trend on Instagram, and one would have thought that it would stay there, as impractical as it is, or was, at the time. This striking look has now followed us into 2017 and is replacing the sharp eye shadow look. The glitter can be used in many ways, whether it’s sprinkling some into the side part of your hair, using as nail art or using it for your eyes. Even glitter eyeliner is made available by major makeup brands like MAC or Nars. Glitter can go on the eyelids of your eyes in a small amount for a bright look, or under the eye that would allow it to trickle down your cheekbones, making it a perfect party look.

2. The ‘no makeup’ look:
This look is ideal for those who do not want to spend hours making a perfect brow or that sharp contour line. In original words, this look will make everyone believe that you woke up like this while looking very put together with a healthy glow. This look was seen on the runway of Lanvin and is sufficient in real life. The trick is to make your skin look fresh and adding just the right amount of shine to add another dimension to the face. Other than being easy to achieve with staples available in your makeup bag, this look is also very healthy for your skin, which also needs a break from the heavy layers of foundation.

3. Bold blush and eye makeup:
This look involves using same the colors for both the eyeshadow and the blush. This not-so-subtle look goes with anything, and the look is a perfect homage to the eighties parties. While this look is not meant to be worn everywhere or at least not heavily during the daytime, certain changes in the choice of color and stroke can make it a spring look. Colors in the shades of pink, bronze, and orange hues are the most popular trends in which this look has appeared on the runway and red carpets. These shades, as seen at the show of Kenzo, were in bright lipstick shades.

4. Replace the smoky with the smudgy eye:
The Balmain and many other shows have proved that smoky eyes should be left behind in 2017. The smudgy eye has a heavy concentration of the eye pencil than the eyeshadow palette. This look also has a touch of coloring in the inner waterline with the eye pencil. Even though this look seems like a night look or a look for a party event, the smudged eye can be toned down easily with just a colored waterline that would make a face look fresher without putting any effort into it.

Aside from all of the looks that will be popular in 2017, there are many other hairstyles, and other beauty looks that you should watch out for.

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