Beauty Tips for a healthy glowing face

Just like your body, hair and soul need nutrition to grow and increase in strength, our face needs proper care and attention too. The extensive daily use of makeup and exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause year’s worth of damage to the thin and delicate layers of the epidermal cells, which cannot be easily rectified by different treatments. However, by making a routine to follow every day that would allow you to set aside some time for your skin can do wonders for your skin health.
Moreover, while understanding how important taking care of your face is, it is worth mentioning that the skin on our face needs more attention than anywhere else on our bodies because it is exposed to dirt and pollution every day and we have to put on makeup to make it presentable. So, if you want the enviable skin of the models you see on the runway or your favorite celebrities; these are tips worth following.
1. Sunscreen- all day every day!
No matter if it is cloudy, raining, or even hailing snow, you need protection from the sun in the form of good old SPF with moisturizer. All celebrities and makeup gurus swear by it, and you have probably heard a million times that SPF is necessary for protection against UV rays that can cause skin diseases and signs of aging. Even though there are foundations and BB creams by Maybelline or Neutrogena that have infused SPF in them, you still need a thin layer on your face, neck, and hands.
2. Drink water:
Everyone in the world has probably told you to drink water, but you probably cannot stick to it. It would be wrong not to suggest chugging down seven to eight glasses of water. Water will not only help get rid of toxins in our body that would otherwise be a cause of breakouts but also serve as an excellent way of starting the day, unlike the majority of us who do not socialize before a cup of coffee. A preferably cold glass of water will boost your metabolism and flush your bowels of toxins.
3. A healthy diet:
You have probably understood by now that your face will be beautiful only if your insides are healthy. A healthy diet that cuts down on carbohydrates, sugar, and the overuse of caffeine, can help you gain that beautiful glow that otherwise no other kind of makeup can replicate. Even models have to follow very strict diet plans that only allow healthy and organic food; and that is why they have such beautiful, lively faces.


4. Take your makeup off at night:
There is a saying that sleeping with your makeup on can age you seven days in one night. That sounds both frightening and worrying, but if you stick to sparring two minutes from your hectic routine to use makeup wipes and moisturize your face and neck, you can avoid getting signs of aging in the early 30s or late 20s. Moreover, wearing makeup at night can also clog your pores and also cause acne and breakouts.
A majority of beauty regimes about skin care involve prioritizing your diet plans and mainly, what you put inside your body. Regular check-ups and treatments of any health problems can also help keep your skin healthy.

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