Betsy DeVos Named As Education Secretary Of the United States

Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the Education Secretary of State as of Tuesday. Betsy’s nomination has been one of the most controversial Education Secretary appointments in United States history. Betsy was confirmed after a record-breaking tiebreaker vote which was cast on by Vice President Mike Pence.

What made Betsy’s nomination so controversial was the amount of protest that was seen in the United States since her appointment. Protestors all over the country argued that Betsy was not fit to be the education minister as she has no prior experience in the field of teaching.

In the past, Betsy was at the forefront of various educational reform movements that worked towards changing the school system in America. She was at the vanguard of the school charter movement, a movement which was aimed to use government funds to provide students with a higher level of education. Her argument was that children all over America should be able to have access to quality education like the kind available in public schools.

Betsy, along with her husband Dick DeVos started a foundation to support educational organizations and other culture programs which help kids develop their skills and to provide them with better opportunities to grow and have a better future. They regularly provide funds to students who come from underprivileged families to go and seek higher level education from private schools. They also offer scholarships to students who complete their MBA from some Michigan Universities.

However, to divulge into the criticism that Betsy has been facing, she and her husband have been known to use their wealth to be able to attain high positions in government offices. Betsy has been an incredibly important supporter of the Republican party, regularly donating towards the party for the various causes and organizations the party supports.

For many people, Betsy’s support to causes like the school charter movement has been widely regarded as a move to relocate taxpayers funds and take away from the validity of public schools. Also, Betsy has also been a supporter or organized protests calling for schools all over America to be awarded grades based on some factors just as they do for their students. Betsy believes that this will help parents all over America make the right decisions in regards to sending their children to the good schools.

Even though Betsy has supported various educational movements, she has not been involved in any form of teaching professions, which is the cause of most of the criticism she is currently facing. Protesters also believe that with the dawn of Betsy’s reign over the educational ministry, the numerous public schools all over the US will soon face a lot of negative light, especially if Betsy plans to implement the much-opposed school charter system. Betsy is also known for numerous bizarre statements made in regards to the reforms she is planning to implement in the education system like the permission to carry guns in certain states to safeguard students against ‘bears in Wyoming.”

Democrats and people opposing Betsy have also pointed out that her nomination could also be owing to the numerous contributions her family makes towards the Republican Party.


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