Accessory trends that will be seen throughout 2017

When thinking about fashion and fashion trends, we tend to talk about clothes, hairstyles, or shoes. But what we should not forget is that accessories are also an important part of a fashionable person’s closet and fashion rituals. These accessories accentuate the whole look and transform it completely. It is crucial to note here that in this year, the nineties and eighties have returned from the dead.

Other than these, there is a viral trend of making a statement with accessories rather than clothes as seen on the runway and street style. Many of the following looks are too flamboyant or ‘loud,’ or even borderline weird for some people’s tastes, but when paired with simple outfits and appropriate colors, they would completely transform your look.
1. Ear cuffs and other statement ear jewelry
Punk has been making its way into our fashion with darker lips, smoky eyes, leather jackets, love for the color black, and even multiple piercings. However, these looks, or rather just the accessories, have been designed and presented in such a way that they do not have the rash style of their nineties ancestors. These accessories are of a very elegant, romantic, casual and sophisticated style. Trust designers like Alexander McQueen, Dior, and Balenciaga to make delicate pieces out of this seemingly punk-rock trend.
2. The revival of buckles, chains, and multilayer necklaces
Remember when we earlier mentioned how punk rock has arrived to steal the show in matters of accessories in 2017? With the coming of 2017, other accessories are anything but subtle. These pieces include thick chokers and many necklaces as seen in many Valentino designs with a few charmed necklaces bundled together, dark red belts with even larger buckles, safety pins in the form of brooches and badges over the jackets, and even safety pin earrings and necklaces.

3. Scarves and stoles
Since it is really cold during the fashion week, there would undoubtedly be a lot of furs, coats, and warm accessories for your outfits. Lanvin and many other designers, or in fact the entire fashion world, have ventured into the use of different shades of furs rather than sticking to just black and brown coats and scarves. Speaking of scarves, they were seen everywhere on the runway and will be seen throughout the year in different forms. There are various options like knitted scarves, stoles, furry scarves in vibrant colors, elongated scarves, and mini neckerchiefs. Apart from their versatility, they exude feminine style and look very chic.

4. Belts, statement bags, and gloves
Belts, statement bags, and gloves are all staples of the 2017 fashion game. These accessories not only accentuate your style but also make a ‘statement’ and possess all the symbols of feminine style. The belts are popular in many different styles like the corset, animal skins, and skinny knotted and outlandish statement belts. The statement bags like transparent heavily jeweled ones are seen in creative shapes and styles. On the other hand, gloves are also available in leather and fingerless styles with a creative twist.

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