E3 Set To Open It’s Doors To The Public For The First Time

For all, you gaming lovers out there – one of the most anticipated gaming events of the year is now available to the public



In the past E3 has been the platform on which some of the biggest games in the industry have been launched. Right from Assassin’s Creed to Fallout 4, E3 is regarded as one of the most major gaming showcases in the world. But in the past, the event received much criticism because E3 was an invitation-only event, and gamers all over have been pretty much excluded from the entire event, and have to resort to watching it on television or their computers.

However, this year’s E3 has decided to give the gaming industry exactly what it wants and open its doors to the general public, to attend one of the biggest gaming showcases of 2017. The event, which was only open to media professionals and top game dev companies will now allow gamers from all over to have a chance to witness the unveil of some of the biggest games that are yet to come. Tickets for the event will go on sale on February the 13th, starting out with a special early bird price of $150 USD, and will go up to $250 USD after that. Attendees of the show will get access to the show floor which is where the gaming booths and stores will be present. Also, attendees will have access to panel discussions and a few other unique benefits that views at home won’t have access to like special interviews with game designers.

The decision to let the general public enter the event was taken after the game company’s managers received numerous feedback from fans regarding a provision to be made to allow fans to come. Also, game developers also encouraged E3 to open its doors so that fans and attendees would get access to the premier of some of their most loved games. In short, fans wanted to be there, and game companies wanted their fans to be there.

Since the last E3 convention, there have been numerous large game companies like EA which have decided to drop out of the event owing to the disorderliness and unsuccessfulness of the last event. Critics have speculated that the decision to open its doors to the general public could be because it has had a significant decline of investors and sponsors of the convention.

In Spite of the fact that EA has decided not to release any of its games at the conference, there are still a lot of games that will be showcased at the event. The lineup of games this year is kind of interesting, with a healthy mix of original games and a newer take on some of the most loved older ones. If you are still undecided if you want to make a trip to E3, you can have a look at some of the games that will be making their entrance at the convention:













Agents of Mayhem












Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild


Rain World


Resident Evil 7


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